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You deserve the tools and resources they to succeed in your homeschooling goals. As a homeschooling parent myself, and as a student of every model the school system had to offer, I understand that each student learns different. Every child has unique needs and learning milestones.

But every student can have a great experience while homeschooling. You can be the leader your family needs. All you need is a little support and help finding your personal plan. You will find homeschool help at In Due Season. I will help you create your own success story.

My courses offer specialized video workshops, helpful handouts and actionable steps for you to apply right away. You will have your best homeschool year. It starts now!

how can I help you the most?


Sharing heartfelt encouragement and delivering practical tools is my favorite way to connect with new audiences.

Over the last several years I have been a podcast guest and spoken at multiple online conferences. Audiences at the Life Skills Leadership Summit, Thrive Together Summit, They Call Me Blessed, Homeschool Mom Summer Summit and Homeschool Superheroes have responded positively to a variety of messages.

Speaking Topics Include

  • Keeping Our Joy in Difficulty
  • Your Homeschool Binder 
  • Working and Homeschooling
  • Homeschooling Multiple Grades
  • College Readiness with Literature
  • Accountability for the Whole Family
  • If Everything is Not Working, Maybe it is Me
  • Accepting Help, The Power of Community
  • The Greatest Gift Homeschooling Offers; Relationships
  • Creating a Four-Year Plan for High School


You will spend the first year of homeschool learning with your kids and discovering how they like learn. The other half will be spend finding your personal rhythms and creating routine.

With our courses you will cut the learning curve in half or even more! You will create a personalized plan with the perfect tools already in your hands for the best school year from the outset.

With a variety of courses, you can find the help you need now. We have help for a quick fix or an in depth course that will help you learn everything you need to set the foundation for a great homeschooling experience from scratch. Want to build independent learners who know how to keep themselves on track? You are in the right place. How do I know? We’ve practiced on the ten kids in our own homeschool!

With homeschool help at In Due Season Courses you’ll leap a school year head! What are you waiting for? Choose Your Course.


In Due Season is where we share the latest technology, teaching tips, and practical tools to support your family‘s goal of homeschool to create a life on your own terms. 

Listen to Season One. It’s a great resource for your Homeschool Startup season!

Get equipped to prepare or encouraged to continue, as I join you on a journey to your best homeschool year yet.

Find our WHY parents are leaving public schools and are choosing to homeschool.

Find the BEST resources for a faster Homeschool Startup

Is a great education in reach for lower income students? We share our bean & rice season.

What is so scary about high school? Reasons why parents think they can’t teach beyond elementary and how to overcome them.

Eight Episodes to Help You Start Right!

Helping you is our highest goal.

I have made huge progress in terms of the morning chores and my personal morning routine has improved a lot since setting these goals.Thank you so much for the exercises. It was very helpful!

real people with real needs

Guided Courses

With our courses you will be creating a personalized plan with the tools in your hands for the best possible school year.

You will spend the first year of homeschool learning with your kids and discovering how they like learn. You know a lot about them right now and that will help you create a better homeschooling plan.

With In Due Season Courses you will leap a whole school year head! What are you waiting for? Choose a Course.

Time FOr You to Take the Lead

It always starts with us as homeschool leaders. These courses are here to shorten the learning curve and skip right to the good stuff.

I Won’t Leave You Hanging!

You are going to get access to my Master Course; The Six Keys to Your Successful Homeschool year. After we create your personalized goals, this course will walk through your new season of homeschooling will all the support you need.

Coaching Call & Course Bundle

I’m Amber! Your Homeschooling Road Trip Companion!

Sometimes, you can take your time and do the groundwork to solve a problem. Other times, you need a guide to navigate. Consider me your friend with a homeschooling machete. We are going to use your pre-call survey to cut through all the underbrush and find the homeschool path that will get you off on the right direction from the start. Don’t waste years trying a few different ways to learn and end up frustrated. Invest in doing the homeschooling thing right from the start. 


Hit the ground running and listen to a friendly voice as you navigate the beginning of your homeschool experience. Is the podcast just for beginners? No way! I am always learning from other homeschool parents, even after twenty years of teaching at home. 

Do you need a homeschooling quick startup guide?

I started the IN DUE SEASON HOMESCHOOL podcast to help parents jump into teaching at home for the first time. We’re gearing up for a second season that will have more tips for growing homeschooling families and those looking for how to structure their homeschool life. I will be talking with homeschooling parents about their successes and obstacles. I can’t wait to share more stories with you.

Writing Services

Creating Quality SEO optimized Posts and articles for Homeschool Readers

Are you looking for a writer to provide and introductory or in depth article for your readers? I have worked as a contracted writer for the Sonlight Blog, a freelance writer for The Old Schoolhouse Magazine and was a part of their several review teams. I have worked with editors and independent bloggers to provide relatable content for their readers.

I currently create marketing and blog content for Homeschool Iowa. Let’s connect and talk about your writing needs.

Terrie McKee @Homeschooling One Child

The articles were just what I needed! They were well-written, concise, and blended well with my own writing style (important for blogs). Thank you! I will definitely utilize your services again the the near future!