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Hello! Welcome to In Due Season.

I’m Amber, mother to ten (yep 10) pretty amazing kids. We have homeschooled from day one and are thriving! We’re a little Swiss Family Robinson and a dash Lord of the Flies!

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Homeschooling the

Second Generation

My relationship with homeschooling has come full circle from when I was involuntarily homeschooled as a teen, when I became the last of my six sibling to exit the public schooling system. To now, as a homeschool advocate, speaker and course creator.

In short, homeschooling salvaged my education and saved my life. Looking back on the failings of the education machine, I knew I owed my kids better. With that as my goal, I chose to homeschool my own growing family. Ten kids later, we are thriving as a homeschool expert. Five grads and five still in school, we are navigating a new season of older kids and a working mom. Still, homeschooling fits our needs.

I write for the homeschool community, my community, and I create tools that answer the questions I have helped parents with for years. In Due Season was born out of those parent’s needs and the hope that duplicating their answers will help others avoid their difficulties.

Welcome to the community.

Live creatively again. Learn about how self-care is a vital part of serving your family.

Every Parent Deserves resources

I can not be happier to have this vital tool get in the hands of every parent that needs it. Hosting courses, recording content, and responding takes time and attention, offering this course in book format makes it affordable for every homeschooling parent I know.

The Six Keys Book

If You need homeschool help but don’t need a detailed structure, Individual Support or weekly email encouragement, you can grab the ebook today!

Print copy release date coming soon!

Over the years of helping parents create a plan, I’ve defined SIX common places that cause students to lose hope, parents to lose focus and families to get sidetracked from what should have been their greatest family adventure.

I created clear examples in the weekly units along with daily journal questions. Your journal answers will create a personalized plan that fits your individual school needs and be the map you need to stay the course when the terrain gets difficult.