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I believe that no parent should ever give up on their homeschooling dreams for lack of support !

Hi, I’m Amber!

Mom to ten, Wife, Speaker, writer &
Homeschool courage lender

Since 2006, I have been homeschooling my own big family as a Midwest mom to ten. Homeschooling has giving us the best opportunity to live the life we wanted. I am not hyper-organized or a super Mom. Though it might not sound like it with ten kids, I am a normal mom like you.

You and I are leaders! Like any leader, we have hard days and even some hard years, but homeschooling is giving us the life we always wanted. Our family has the freedom to customize learning to each child and make room for family to be the priority again.


Six Keys to Your Best Homeschool

You can ensure a strong homeschool finish by getting help for that season in the middle. I’ve got the map and will share with you where the most common roadblocks are. These pesty setbacks keep family’s from having homeschool. They are no so unique, which makes it easy to teach you how to be on the lookout for them.

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30 Days to Homeschool Reset

Are you currently homeschooling, but the last few weeks have left you frazzled? I’ve been there too. When I went to work out of the house a few days a week, I needed help creating a new normal. I thought we had homeschooling down to a science. We had been doing it for fifteen years. The 30 Days to Homeschool Reset shares exactly what I learned about creating accountability for myself and my students.


The Homeschool Quick Start-Up Guide

Need a quick start up guide without getting bogged down with all the details right now? The Homeschool Quick Start-Up Guide is full of resources and since it is digital, there are links to most of the resources. Help is at your fingertips.


Homeschooler’s Guide to Summer Success

Summer is hard for experienced homeschoolers as well. We’ve been homeschooling for years and we just discussed jumping back into our school schedule if summer attitudes don’t get better.

If you are wondering HOW in the world you are going to manage to reduce screen time or if the only reading your kids is going to do is in their video games, the concern is real. But summer is not at all something to dread, you need the Homeschooler’s Guide to Summer Success.


Tips for Teaching Multiple Grades and Avoiding Overwhelm

You Don’t Have to Homeschool Like Everyone Else!

You know what makes me different? I wan’t families to look like themselves, not like me. Your family is unique and I want you to find the homeschool life that makes each of you shine! If you want to create your own path, I am just the guide for you!


You can figure it out on your own but…

Your kids don’t have years to waste, you all deserve the help you need to stop guessing and get a win!

Over the years of helping parents create a plan, I’ve defined SIX common places that cause students to lose hope, parents to lose focus and families to get sidetracked from what should have been their greatest family adventure.

I created clear examples in the weekly units along with daily journal questions. Your journal answers will create a personalized plan that fits your individual school needs and be the map you need to stay the course when the terrain gets difficult. You will create more wins in your homeschool week as you grow. In Due Season was built to help you homeschool successfully!


Six Keys to Your

Successful Homeschool Year

Are you new to homeschooling? You can start to build your own homeschool philosophy from the ground up right now. The Six Keys to a Successful Homeschool Year is the course that will walk you through every important question to ask before you start.

Let’s get down to business

Here is what we cover…



Homeschooling might be one of the most unique opportunities we have to express our love to our children in ways that will shape them well into adulthood. If we lose focus of that gift we are falling short of our calling. In this Unit we will walk through three ways that we use our school time and create a personalized plan to value your children and connect more deeply during your school time.



The best advice I can offer is to embrace being you! Everything about you, your quirks, your schedule, and your crazy life. If you are like many homeschool families, you might not fit the public-school mold. To be quite honest, in our family, we do not even fit the homeschool mold. I have had a lot of lessons in making comparisons to help me embrace our crazy uniqueness. Together we are going to help define what your homeschool needs to look like to help each one of your students thrive.



Setting out on the journey of homeschooling is a huge undertaking. The route will change with every child, but the end destination is that fixed point in the future; graduation day. On the outset of any trip we set the address of our final destination into our GPS. Immediately we know how long our journey is going to be and can plan for the journey. I want to share with you about how I set my GPS for homeschooling. Some people call it a mission statement, I just call it my “Why” page.

The greatest gift homeschooling has to offer is the relationships you build with your kids along the way. If you miss that, you miss everything!
Amber J. Smith
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